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The D3S Is Here!

I gave up on the backorder from the big internet stores and found my new camera here locally at Schillers.  I have fully made the leap into a Pro level DSLR with the D3S, Nikon's new flagship Camera.

The new D3s!

The new D3s!

This camera is going to blow the doors off of my D80 in so many aspects that have been lacking in my photography.

1.  Low Light Capability:  I currently cannot shoot the D80 at an "ISO" of greater than 400 without running the images through Imagenomic's Noiseware Professional.  This camera will enable me to shoot as high as 12,800 iso and still have the image quality of the D80 at 200 "ISO".  This means more ambient light photography and less dependency on one of the SB-800 or SB-900 Speedlights.  With this camera and one of my f/1.4 lenses such as the Nikkor 50MM or 85MM "Cream Machine" I will be able to shoot in almost complete darkness when the lense is wide open.

2.  Frame Rate:  The D80 only allowed me to shoot about 3-4 frames per second at a burst of about 6 images before things came to a screaching halt.  Shooting sporting events of my nephews was very limited with it.  The D3S is going to enable me to shoot at higher shutter speeds and greater depth of field with my Nikkor 70-200 AF-S VR telephoto bolted to the Nikorr 1.7x Teleconverter for an equivalent 340mm of shooting with higher ISO's to capture more of the action at a blazing 9 frames per second.  I will aslo be capable of a continuous shooting barrage of 36 straight RAW files or 82 JPEG's.  I cannot wait to point this at the action of Soccer next spring or geese coming off my pond at dusk this fall/winter.

3.  51point AF and 3D matrix metering with the Expeed Image Processor:  This is going to revolutionize my ability to run the focus and 3D matrix in a mode different than single point like on the D80.  With the 51 point auto focus I will be able to point the camera at one of my nephews, squeeze the trigger, and allow him to roam around in the field of view with the camera tracking his motion in focus.  This will eliminate the need to keep the camera pointed at his head and eyes in the center of the frame for outstanding off-center frame action shots.  Birds will be a piece of cake to shoot with this new system as well!

4.  Full Frame Sensor:  Right now my Nikkor 14-24mm wide angle zoom I use for my landscape photography (My Passion) give me an actual 21-36mm on the DX sensor of the D80.  The FX or full 35mm sensor of the D3S will give me the ability to get truly wide for shots.

5.  Wider and Automated Bracketing:  Currently the D80 only allows me to bracket three pictures at a EV (Exposure Value) of  up to +/-2EV.  That means that when I shoot 9 frames from -4 to +4 EV in increments of one for my HDR landscapes I have to do it all by hand on the D80 resulting in camera movement and extra time on the tripod to get the shot.  The D3S will do 9 exposure bracketing automatically without the need for the current shoot, wait, press and hold EV, Roll rear wheel three clicks, press and repeat 8 more times.  The D3s will result in pull the trigger and wait for 9 exposures to fire.  Done.  HDR complete.  No Camera Shake.  Sharper Images.

6.  HD Movie Recording:  I have neglected shooting video because it is impossible to capture good stills with a video camera in one hand and a DSLR in the other.  I like stills because I feel that I can be a part of the event without being stuck behind a camera holding everyone steady.  The D80 does not do video and my old Sony Handycam only takes 30min of video on a DVD.  This is going to really kick it up a notch on Christmas morning with the ability to shoot both 1280x720 video at 24 frames per second in full stereo sound with my Nikkor Lenses as well as those awesome still images.

I simply cannot wait to bring my photography to a whole new level with this camera!

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