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Ralph E. Grant

Ralph E. Grant

My vocation is project management and chemical engineering but my passions are my family, mountain biking, photography, jazz saxophone, shooting, and anything creative.  I started this "Image Blog" back in 2010 in an effort to force me to use my camera more.  Since then I have been posting as much as time will allow and it has really enhanced my photography skills.  Thanks to the blog, I have successfully integrated photography into my daily life.  Images through the eye of an engineer with the additional musings and the occasional rant.

"My worldly existence is accelerating without limit and ultimately my life will end via events that I cannot control.  The lens and shutter of a camera give me the ability to isolate an instant and my perception of god’s creation will live for eternity.” - Ralph Grant

I hope that you enjoy the site.  Visit to see my creative works and purchase prints if you dare....

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