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The Remains of Something Once Beautiful (Digital Fine Art):

When you have passion that is sometimes directed at photography, what you see and what you photograph is often completely tied to your emotions.  The other day I was walking between these two buildings for the first time since summer and came across this enormous bush. Normally when I pass this way it greets me with these amazing pinkish colored blooms, green leafy foliage, and an incredible bouquet worthy of the nose from a fine vintage. The tiny individual blooms are small and mundane but together in flowered clusters and scattered all over the plant, they are like a symphony.  In haste I typically notice it, dance my fingers on it, and discount it because of a busy schedule, and move on.  Oddly, on this day the absence of the bush was more remarkable than its presence.  It had completely turned. Transformed. Camouflaged itself with the rest of the lesser landscaping, practically as insignificant as the earth hidden by the mulch.  The entire time I was in my meeting the thought of that bush was in the back of my mind, haunting me, beckoning me, stirring my soul and I didn't know why.  Its taunting had me dying to photograph it in a creative way that would restore it to the glories of spring.

The Remains of Something Beautiful (Leica M240, ISO200, 1/300th at f/1.1 through 7Artisans 50MM)

Why was this so important?  Who the hell wants an image of a bush?  Why was I so obsessed with this goddamn thing?  I certainly have bigger drama's in my life than stealing an image of a half dead planting? I bypassed the usual conversational pleasantries at the meetings conclusion and raced to the withering plant.  I ran there like I was terrified that it had left the scene and entered some botanical hospice.  The light was terrible, leaving only a wide open aperture and high ISO settings as options on the Leica.  The wind was gusting and my heart was pounding, making me pick out a single bloom and sway in perfect time with it like some kind of obsessed snake charmer.  I had to work fast because of the failing light and after the fifth shutter click in as many seconds it was over.  I quickly stole the image above and the mysteries of this perennial were revealed to me.  This bush is a metaphor for where I am in my life.  Everything is just as beautiful as when you first saw it if you take the time and work hard to really love it.

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