Steal Nothing But Photographs

The 1908 Barn (Digital Fine Art):

I've got to get back in the habit of Blogging. Life is getting in the way and my photography has suffered. We are going to start slow and then dive into this thing. I apologize in advance if the images are of sports, model airplanes, and other competing activities with my photography.

When I travel to Hobart, NY it is usually bitter sweet. It's usually for daylong meetings discussing the latest engineering and manufacturing challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. The bonuses are the fun and interesting people you attend with and the photographic and visual eye candy. This is a target rich environment for someone who likes old structures and amazing landscapes.

The 1908 barn is a very unassuming structure on Highway 23 in the little town of Davenport, NY between Oneonta and Stamford. Usually when I drive past this location the sky is lame-O, the light is bad, and the field next to it is plowed and rather boring (Nobody wants an image of dirt). Most of the time the leaves on the bushes in the foreground of the image are grown up and obtrusive to the landscape. Other times I just don't want to die standing on the side of Highway 23 to get an image! This is a great example of making sure to visit a location multiple times a year to get an eventual payoff.

You certainly have to be in the right place at the right time.

The 1908 Barn (Leica M, ISO200, 1/350th at f/8, through the Zeiss 28mm ZM)

Sharpened, color corrected, and mildly enhanced in Lightroom.

Don't forget to click on the image above and see it full size on your monitor!

Until the next image theft (Hopefully Soon). Enjoy!

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