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Jefferson Barracks (Digital Fine Art):

So its been ages since I posted on the blog. SEVEN months to be exact. Its hard to believe that something that was such a part of me has taken a back burner to other things. Its not that I haven't been engaged in photography. Lord knows that I have taken almost 7,000 images during that time, none of which were for me. Nothing artistic that inspired me to write about it. Until today....

Reverence of the Fallen (D3s, ISO200, HDR, f/5, 29mm through Nikkor 24-70mm)

This single gravestone caught my attention and I immediately visualized the above image. A simple sepia with the colors of the flag peeking through under the contrast of the amazing God Sky. There was something about how the wind had wrapped the fallen Veterans flag around the side of the stone. It ever so lightly touched the blue and white roses of his Spouses flowers, similar to how a young soldier might lovingly touch his wife's cheek for the last time before he left home to die for his country.  It compelled me to sit down in the grass, on the edge of the sunlight, where I quickly and quietly shot the 5 images that make up the picture above.  Make sure you click on it with your mouse to experience it full size on your monitor.


Memorial Day Preparations by the Boy Scouts at Jefferson Barracks:

For 66 years (since 1949) the St. Louis Area Boy scouts have placed a single flag at the base of each grave stone on this hollowed ground. Today, over 4900 people walked quietly and reverently through this National Cemetery and showed their respects for the fallen through this solemn act honoring their sacrifice.  It was an amazing experience.....

Honoring the Colors (D3s, ISO200, f/2.8, 1/4000sec, 24mm through Nikkor 24-70.

You can check out all the images I shot today HERE:

I promise not to stay away so long.

Until the next image theft,


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