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Big Island Hawaii (Akaka Falls):

Just outside of Hilo on the Big Island is a serene place called Akaka Falls State Park.  When you first get there it reminds you of the many other places you visit on the island, just the end of the line on a road to nowhere.  However you quickly get realize this place is a little commercial, people buzzing in and out of the bathrooms, a side effect of the long drive there.  Your immediately accosted by some dude making sure you pay your $5.00 to park and $1.00 per person to visit.  It took some "Essplaining" that I parked on the road but we made it through.  Credit Cards preferred, a machine/kiosk standing at the trail entrance.  All of this threatened to dampen the experience of pretending to discover some hidden gem in the middle of a rainforest but you get over it when you start walking along the "Trail".

The trail is actually a handrail lined concrete sidewalk with rainforest on either side.  The forest is very pretty and worthy of an image...

Akaka State Park Rainforest (D3s, ISO800, f/4.5 @ 14mm, HDR, Through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)

Its pretty dark and raining but that just makes the images even better. Nothing makes foliage pop like a little water. In about two minutes the rain subsides and a different source of water is the visible to all. The purpose of the trip is Akaka Falls and it is something to see, and hear.

Akaka Falls (D3s, ISO400, f/4.5 @ 14mm, HDR, Through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)

The overcast sky eliminated the possibility of a rainbow in the crater but lended a hand in giving the sky a little personality.

Definitely worth a detour on the way to Hilo.

Until the next Image theft, Enjoy!


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