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Big Island Hawaii (Green Beach):

If you ever get used to south point and decide to leave, you can hike 3+ miles up the seashore, through dunes, into sandblasting 30mph winds, and arrive at the most amazing beach. Green Beach at South Point (Ka Lae) is one of two green beaches in the world and the Grants have visited one! The other is in the Galapagos and is a place that is on our bucket list.  I'll get straight to the images....

This is without a doubt one of my favorite images from the trip:

You gotta Click Here to see this baby full size!

Green Beach (D3s, ISO125, f/5.6 @ 14mm, HDR, through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)


Its hard to tell from the image but the entire beach is nestled into a bowl of some type of Volcanic Sandstone.  You can see the green of the beach (From the Olivine in the sand) if you look to the left side middle of the photograph.  Its hard to tell from the wide angle of the image but the beach is about 150' down from the top of the sand dunes.  You climb down this natural stairwell in the wall of the beach to get to the waters edge.


The Natural Stairwell (D3s, ISO125, f/5.6 @ 14mm, 1/250, ISO125 through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)

The Grant Boyz weren't really happy about the hike in.  I hiked at least one mile and climbed about 150' of elevation with Wyatt on my shoulders.  At one point JD was walking with a scowl on his face and both hands were in fists.  I recommend walking in and riding out so that you can see the interesting features of the shore on the way there.  I think you can tell from the image below that the Grant Boyz "Let it Go" and had fun!

Boyz on Green (D3s, ISO125, f/5.6 @ 14mm, 1/500th sec, through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)


The current washing out of the bowl of the beach is pretty strong so I wouldn't let the kids swim here.  This is pretty much at the end of the world here and I didn't want to risk someone getting into trouble.  Get sucked out of here in a rip current and your next stop is Antarctica!

I cannot wait to steal an image of the other Green beach in the Galapagos!



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