Steal Nothing But Photographs

Big Island Hawaii (South Point):

If you drive south on the Big Island until you cannot go any further, you have arrived at the southern most point in the United States of America. Any location that boasts such a important geographical designation obviously must be able to be worthy. South Point does not let you down. It is absolutely beautiful. The terrain is interesting and the Pacific is amazing. The waves and energy here are incredible and the sky is so clear that you swear that if you look hard enough you can see Fiji in the distance. We had a wonderful time hiking around the area and exploring the shore. As always, make sure you click on the images to experience them full size on your monitor...

Southern Tip of USA (D3s, ISO 200, f/2.8 @ 24mm, HDR, through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)

South Point (D3s, ISO200, f/2.8 @ 14mm, HDR, Through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)

Is that Fiji in the distance? (D3s, ISO200, f/6.3 @ 14mm, HDR, through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)

South Point (D3s, ISO125, f/5.6 @ 24mm, HDR, Through Nikkor 14-24mm Lens)

Clark and Ellen Griswold (D3s, ISO125, f/2.8@14mm, 1/2500th, through Nikkor 14-24mm) Photo Credit: JD Grant.

Stay tuned for the next image theft at Green Beach!


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